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Anthony J. Resta in the News

Hi friends of the sci-fi mambo lab,
Sharing some recent press and news on AJR /bopnique musique!

more exciting news updates coming late next week.

1. interview with

questions regarding anthony's past present and future work with Duran Duran:

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Interview with Anthony J Resta

Weaving together pieces of obscure samples from vinyl with twisted vintage analog synth sounds; melding them seamlessly into an artist’s live performance… Sound complicated?  Nah, it’s just all in  a day’s work for producer  Anthony J Resta. Join me for a peak inside the eclectic mind Of Ajax Rayovac,  the musical maestro who brought to LIFE  “sci fi mambo liquid centre lab”  better known as Bopnique Musique. 

Five Quick Stats with Anthony J Resta

Slam Dance or The Hand Jive?
Slam Dance

Lunch with Sid Vicious or Brunch with Elton John?
since I’ve been out to eat with Elton John before I’ll go with Sid Vicious but he might not look so great these days.

Favorite pair of shoes or Bare Feet?
bare feet

Best make out song ever written?
In your eyes by Peter Gabriel, or any Al Green song.

New Englander’s do ________ better (fill in the blank)
New Englander’s do red sox like no one else.

From Third Grade Drummer all the way to producing tracks for the likes of Elton John, Dale Bozzio, Megadeath, Guster, Blondie & Duran Duran (just to name a few). You made it happen & you made it happen in the New England area you love. How did you bring the masses to you? And why did you resist the LA/ NY draw?
I’ve worked in places like London, Atlanta, Nashville, Australia, Miami and on and on for years, but settled here because i like everything about New England. Eventually enough people knew I cared and did a good job, so they started coming to ME and I’m very grateful.

You are known as an Holistic Music Creator with an endless myriad of groundbreaking sonic technique. Where did this electronic fascination of combining High Technology & low Tech non conventional begin?
On Holistic music creation… I love things wildly synthetic,
used in making music like kraftwerk for example, and I love things wildly organic like old Patsy Cline recordings and victrolas and real flutes and mandolin and lap steel. Combining both worlds started for me pretty much from the beginning …. some of it was accidental.. just what I had lying around to make music with! a Moog and a banjo……:)

Studio Bopnique is your lovechild. Tucked away in an old mill complex north of Boston. What is the overall sonic vibe of Bopnique? And why does it look like the most FUN place on the planet to make a record??
Bopnique is like a 4000 square foot living room, its not really a studio. Making music there is just plain fun. Acoustically, the brick and beam sound really good to my ears as well. pics at

Ajax Rayovac is your alter ego & the Poetry over Electronic Soundscapes. When did Ajax begin & what is the latest Rayovac escapade?
Ajax Rayovac is me just having fun with my toys. Here is a free download of my latest single that answers the musical question “why was George Jetson lonely in his cartoon galaxy”

What is the latest madness bouncing out of Bopnique?? And where can we hear/ see & be more Anthony J Resta in our 2010?
Always new exciting things going on.. drop in the news section anytime. We post new songs and videos every month. I have a cool interview on the site right now… that has some cool questions about my past and future work with them…. tons of exciting new artists too. Casey Desmond, The Cinnamon Fuzz, Minkystarshine, Julian Hannible, Will Daily, Andrea Surova, Syncopation, Denise Hradecky, Kat McGivern, Clara Lofaro, Novae, I’m running out of room, sorry if I didn’t list you here!!!

Thanks Birdee for all of your enthusiasm and support!

 Thanks Ajax! You’re amazing & inspiring & I agree with Simon Le Bon, 
“Lad You’re Mad”

Bopnique Musique | Bopnique
Out of their Boston based recording studio Bopnique Musique, platinum record producer Anthony J. Resta ( a.k.a. Ajax Ray O’Vaque) and mix engineer Karyadi Sutedja produce artists such as Duran Duran, Collective Soul, Elton John, NeedtoBreath, Guster, Megadeth,Shawn Mullins, The Elevator Drops and many more.

(from Birdee and the Beat ) Thanks again! Birdee