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Billboard "Discoveries"

Bopnique Artist Kat McGivern in Billboard's "Discoveries"

Lately, there's been a woman in the pop world for everyone: Nicki Minaj represents for the genuine weirdos, Taylor Swift rules the nice girl lane and Kesha is around for the crasser set. But what's been missing is a singer who utilizes actual fierceness while still acting as a beacon for regular girl's "the ones who tow the line between girl next door, but still kick butt. Kat McGivern is the answer to the question, Who is she? Her tracks tackle heartache without falling into melancholia, like on song, "Fall To Pieces," which functions as an anthem that acknowledges sadness without being morose or too flowery. The most successful is, "Decorated," which is moving but positive, uses war ribbons as a trope for triumph over emotional scars. With all this espousal of strength, McGivern should find herself sitting comfortably as pop music's big sister, a role that needs to be filled.   Billboard Magazine "Discoveries"