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Classic Tracks Revisited "Save the Universe" by Denise Hradecky

Save the Universe by Denise Hradecky
by Anthony J. Resta

This Production was one of those magical experiences where everything just fell into place effortlessly.  The music was recorded in less than two days.  It started out with a groove from an Optigan.  That was the rhythmic foundation. Denise played her acoustic to that Loop . Next I played live drums ( brushes and mallets)  against the guitar and the optigan rhythm.  Denise put down an amazing OmniChord part, playing the stum plate in phyiscal shapes that resembled DNA chains. I have played the thing for years but never made shapes on the stum pad. The results were gorgeous. Next Denise recorded me playing my 1938 National Lap steel into a matchless amp and matchless echobox. It was one take with a couple of simple edits. Some of my playing ended up major against minor here and there but we loved it and left it alone. Denise sang some cello lines and we sent them out to LA for Cameron Stone to do his magic. We imported the cello tracks in and then Denise sang the song twice, once in the left speaker and once in the right speaker. The vocals were not tuned or edited, it was a magical performance that had tears running down my face as we recorded. Karyadi got an awesome breathy vocal sound and its pretty much dry in the mix.
I added some extra guitar atmosphere,  a sub low moog for bass, a piano sample through a roland chorus echo verb unit. and that's really it.  there is very few tracks but it sounds giant and moody and lush thanks to the sonic brilliance of Karyadi's mix.  Listen on good phones , this will take you on a journey.  I never tire of this song. Denise is back this week from Chicago to work on some new music. Welcome Back Denise!!!
you can download the track on amazon this is the link.

thanks for listening!,

Anthony J. Resta

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