The New Collisions

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Denise Hradecky "Obsurd"

 Denise Hradecky's  EP  "Save the Universe" Denise is absolutely  one of our fav artists to work with. (We featured the title track "Save the Universe" a while back as well. You can find it in the news archives.

"Obsurd" track starts of with the sound of a beer pouring. a happy accident. it was really late at night....on the last night of the sessions. We tracked denise singing and playing to an MPC beat and i just had a ball with it in my spare time. I recorded and mixed this on our B rig and it has a really cool lofi quality to it.  I ended up using denise's chair creaking as part of the main groove as well as some vocal percussion, some lead with a maestro fuzz tone and silvertone jupiter, bass drum with mallets, a toy keyboard.  Its a really fun song. We're  not sure why OBSURD instead of ABSURD,  i will  have to ask denise about that! thanks to IAN for his musical wizardry on the EP he was inspirational to be around too.  Check out his band "Needers and Givers"

here's the wav to listen to on the soundcloud: