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Huge Summer Bopnique Musique Update

Bopnique Summer Update
The Sci-Fi Lab is in full swing with a summer chock full fab artists!
Here is a quick summary with some links for you to enjoy.
Thanks for checking in!

We just got a song in the hit TV show "Burn Notice" here is a snippit for you to check out:

Film and TV placements
Thanks to Minoan music (
 we are happy to announce that over 50 tracks recorded and or mixed at Bopnique have been placed in a wide variety of film and TV opps. All bopnique artists past , present , and future are eligible for a very fair non exclusive placement deal.
for more info contact AJAX at

Tracy Bonham and Ajax
covering Duran's "New Moon on Monday" now finally available on itunes! here is a link to the story:
The track features AJAX on guitar bass and drums, Gizmo Static and Eric A from the electrons on synths and the AMAZING Frank Shoffner on strings and horns.
Tracy and Ajax are currently co-writing some really cool quirky music for  several potential future uses.

The Making of The Making Of
One of the coolest projects to grace our studio here, this project is forging new sonic and musical territory further and further with each session.  a six song EP is nearing completion.
here is a link to one of the tracks:
Its the third one in the player: "Same Not Same"  features some of AJR's unusual guitar  and bass work. Matt is an amazing soundscaper and a visionary of sweet dissonance and mood.

Emilio Vega
"Karma"  is Emilio Vegas' first release for HMG in europe and the video is going to be shot in Barcelona later this month. Emilio is going to be a huge artist. He's a powerhouse singer dancer and writer.  Here is  a snippit of the song:

Sound Toys :

As you know Bopnique has long been serious believers in old  technology from vintage mics and pres to analog tape machines to tube compressors etc...Well we've recently been lucky enough to have discovered an innovative hip company called Sound Toys.
For many years we have used things like the shure level loc and the Mutronics "Mutator"  as well as tape echos that include Matchless, Roland space echo, Roland SRE 555, tube echoplex etc...     and now, Its a bit of a shock for us to be able to  admit that we have found new uncharted territory using these Sound Toys plugs and many of the above mentioned pieces are now collecting dust  and going up on ebay.  All we can say is that the SOUND TOYS plugs combine everything we love about old school and miraculously and  seamlessly make it useful and usable in a modern setting.  This has saved us  HOURS and HOURS of time and the results are in many ways not just as cool but COOLER and  FRESHER, Pure and nothing short of STUNNING. You guys know its hard for me to say i'm into pluggins and i know i'm going to take some crap for this part of the update, but do yourselves  a favor and give them a spin.  I'm hopelessly addicted.  We will do a special update on this topic with audio examples in the next couple of weeks.  Thanks to Bob St. John and Mitch Thomas for getting me to try these guys out!

Prospect Hill

We finished tracking a 7 song EP  and are in final mixing stages this month. The new record is going to shock people.  The band has redefined its sound and the first single "Come Alive" could EASILY be a James Bond Theme or a Giant  Chase Scene.  They have come so far and the Buzz just KEEPS GROWING. Recent sell outs at large festivals and venues the size of the Hampton Beach Casino are the proof in the pudding.  Check out their amazing live show soon.

Duran Duran
remixing a sci-fi mambo liquid center mix of "Girl Panic" this month. we  can't wait to share it with everyone and just in time for the forthcoming video release.  Thanks to Nick Rhodes for giving us the opp to work with them again!

Matthew Wade and Silent Bravery
The new album "Can't Quit" now available. This was such a great experience and the results really express the good feelings that surrounded the project.    The whole album rocks and one track "To Give" features epic recording artist Matisyahu.  Charlie Farren and Robert Holmes both rock royalty and icons in and of themselves contributed Background Vocals and Guitars respectively. Check out this video of for the first single:
in the fade you can hear AJAX shredding his best Neil Schon licks....:)
Thanks to Vlado Meller  for the mastering love.

We have been doing post production and mixing on a summer radio hit called "Lucky" by Entrain. They are an awesome live act and producers Tom Major and  Brian Alex really captured it in the studio this time,  great energy and swing.
Great Horn Section, including Garret Savluk, Rob Loyot, Klem Klimek, Kosei Yamaguchi and Sam Holmstock. Ajax added some scifi mambo space steel drum sounding guitars ... This is a really great party song!

The Cinnamon Fuzz
Two AWESOME brand new tunes are almost ready to unleash on the world.  Some of the funkiest tracks to grace the Lab ever. These kids just get better and better. These guys are serious perfectionists and they personify quality in the craft of writing and recording. We will post examples when they go live with the release. Thanks to Jonah and Nick for believing in us.

Will Daily
ajax played some ambient synth and guitar stuff on Will's forthcoming Motown/Universal record. Will is such a deep artist with a super heartfelt delivery and talent as a multi-instrumentalist up the wazoo. Thanks to Producer Tom Polce for getting us involved

Minky Starshine
Mastering and mixing is complete on Minky's fourth album "Womanity"  slated for a fall 2011 release, Its a stunning blend of old and new, a true sonic journey that we are over the moon about. The ajax / minky song " Cinematic Mojo"  is  the first single and a video goes into production this month. Directed by Matthew Pitkoff, its going to be a really fun crazy ride.
Special thanks to Chris Garringer at Sterling for the Mastering Love.

John Cate and the Van Gough Brothers
Mixing and Mastering is completed on Johns tenth album simply entitled "X". It's  a pinnacle in Johns writing and a sonic mix of tunes that mesh the best of 70's singer songwriter stuff with modern americana creating a true classic masterpiece. We will be posting samples within two weeks. (thanks to Bob St. John and Dave Locke for the Mastering Love)

David Lynch

The Electrons are putting the finishing touches on injecting a  trip hop ambient sonic mindscape into one of film director  David Lynch's new pieces featuring  Chrysta Bell.  This one is a headphone trip and will be used in several places including  feature film.  Warren added some mindbending angular riffs and Roger O'donnell of the Cure does some incredible synth work along with Eric and AJ. Steve Ferrone is laying down the trip hop bottom mixed with electronica beats.. Its going to be a three day mix session this month to bring it into the world. 

Projects In Queue for the rest of the summer and into Fall:

Jared Dylan: single from forthcoming major label release .
John Fannon: single from forthcoming album release.
Andrea Surova: new single.
Michelle Lewis :  new EP.
Dave Scott: new LP.
Elixer on Mute: new LP.
Matthew Wade: new EP of acoustic songs.
Michael Chicklis Band: new single.
Entrain: new LP
Collective Soul TBA

Writing Sessions with:  Minky Starshine, Casey Desmond, Michelle Vice-Maslin, Will Dailey, Nuno, Andrea Surova

Thanks for helping keep the Post Indie World Alive  here at Bopnique.  We always inadvertantly forget someone, so just nudge us and we will UPDATE THE UPDATE