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"Im The One"

"I'm the one"   by Minky Starshine

Portrait of a Song (new feature at

One of my fav songs on Minky's Album “Womanity”.
it just starts off with the sound of a girl waking up.
Cameron stone puts down an amazing bed of cello that inspired me to come up with the Harrisonesque Lead Guitar Motif/guitar orchestration that appears throughout the song. Its one of my favorite Les Paul sounds. (I plug direct into an api- mic pre and roll off all the tone and its more like a flute or other worldly instrument.) I added some real concert bells on certain notes and then orchestral chimes in the outro. There is something Pet Sounds inspired in Minky and My Production here. Minky does some really great background vocals on this one. I borrowed long time assistant Steve Barlay’s dynachord leslie simulator for the bridge guitar sound.1:57 
then my doubled solo comes in at 2:12 I just love this guitar sound. I can’t get enough of it. I need to do it again soon. Karyadi's mix is wonderful here. Listen on a good system and you will hear some beautiful depth .☺


portrait of a song