The New Collisions

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Mark Zamcheck "Atone Moment"

Recently we had the wonderful opportunity to work with a fab musician composer Mark Zamcheck.  This piece was one of our favorites.  Below is an excerpt from Mark's Jango profile.  He has well over 40,000 fans already through social networking and people from all over the world are tuning into his channel. The video is for the piece "Atone Moment"
artist: Mark Zamcheck
Genre: Classical, Piano Jazz, New Age Piano
"My favorite experience is dropping into the moment - musically - no charts, no time changes, no keys... a call to all who understand the close and delicate threads shared by verbal and musical conversation.
Either way - verbal or musical - if you want to explore something new and real, you can't be afraid of making mistakes. A clash is only the beginning of creative dialogue, and is by definition, a 'Happy Accident'
So, these tracks are from the album 'Drawing from Life', which is my current happiest musical accident.
All ensemble pieces were recorded one early spring day in San Antonio, Texas - with two amazing players - Jim Kalson on Bass and Kyle Thompson on Drums. Mostly improvised, NEVER rehearsed, proof positive that Texas musicians reign supreme..."

this piece was mixed by Karyadi Sutedja at Bopnique.
Aj added some modular synth, guitar and percussion textures.

sit back and float away.