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naked on rollerskates ( globe review)

First  two tracks "Sugar" and "The Fighter"   Post Production, Mixing, tracking in the Sci-Fi Mambo Lab by AJAX and Karyadi  exciting music check it out!   Here is a great review from the Boston Globe.


Just about the only thing bigger than the hooks and widescreen production values on this Boston band’s bracing debut EP is singer-guitarist Leesa Coyne’s powerhouse of a voice. It’s a good thing, too, because this seven-song sampler built on classic rock melodies and sharply chiseled riffs demands a bold approach. NORS is made up of Boston music scene veterans playing musical chairs — Coyne honed her vocal chops with the Counterfolk Collective; Motion Sick drummer Travis Richter grabs the lead guitar here; ex-Liz Borden Band guitarist and music photographer Kelly Davidson switches to bass; and Air Traffic Controller’s Randall Creasi mans the drum kit. The combustible chemistry works terrifically well, roaring right from the atomic pop of “Sugar’’ all the way through to the Heart-leaning semi-ballad album closer, “Symphony.’’ In between, there are a couple of quieter moments (well, they start quietly, anyway) like “The Fighter’’; but even that number builds to an anthemic climax worthy of a stadium filled with flicked Bics. As huge as it sounds, however, “I Lost My Heart in the Battle’’ isn’t marred by showboating bombast or empty gestures. These are muscular (but not muscle-bound), diabolically well-executed songs about love, pain, shame, and perseverance, played with vigor, heart, and volume.
Naked on Roller Skates releases “I Lost My Heart in the Battle’’ tomorrow night at Great Scott with Mellow Bravo, the Lights Out, and Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling. 

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