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Billboard "Discoveries"

Bopnique Artist Kat McGivern in Billboard's "Discoveries"

Bopnique Track of the Week

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"Rays of the Sun"

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bopnique musique

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Introducing Jared Dylan

Jared Dylan's song "Always Faithful"

A wonderful true story from the latest member of the Bopnique Musique world of incredible up and coming artists.  This is for a great cause so please take the time to read the story and download the song.

On Aug. 24 Lance Corporal Simone, 19, was in Afghanistan serving the people and the country that he loves. He had been there for about a month when, while out on a foot patrol mission, he was hit by an improvised explosive device (IED), also known as a roadside bomb. Adrian
When he stepped on the IED, the blast pretty much shredded his left foot and his right leg below the knee. His fellow Marines rushed in (in spite of the fact that the area was not secure and they could have triggered another IED and been wounded or killed themselves) to administer emergency first aid.

Come Alive video by Prospect Hill

We are proud to post this great track from Prospect Hill .  This is the brand new official video.
crank it up on real speakers or good phones.....PLEASE...:)
Produced by AJR  recorded and mixed at Bopnique by Karyadi Sutedja


DVD release in time for Halloween! AJR music director

Locally produced horror movie released on DVD through Midnight Releasing.  Anthony J Resta was a music director on the films soundtrack.

Boston, MA - Drive-In Horrorshow, an independent horror film produced in Boston, is currently released on DVD on by Midnight Releasing.

Drive-In Horrorshow is an anthology horror film comprised of five terrifying tales in the tradition of Tales from the Crypt and Creepshow.  Fangoria said that Drive-In Horrorshow "delivers a visual feast of splatter and clever storytelling."

Anthony J Resta is a music director on the Drive-In Horrorshow soundtrack.   Anthony Resta's alter ego Ajax Ray O'Vaque rocks the soundtrack with his song "Love is a Twisted Melancholy Disease".

Anthony J. Resta with star Actor / Director /Singer /Songwriter/

Lots of cool news coming from our emerging LA side of things.

the video clip  below is  a teaser for a  new Album from singer/songwriter/actor/director

Michael Chicklis and his musical director mad man guitarist: Bob Pascarella.

Michael has been filming a movie in New Orleans rumored to co star JLO.



Behind the Scenes at Bopnique with Michelle Lewis's track "Paris"

Michelle Lewis  "Behind the Scenes"  at Bopnique

This video is an awesome look into the process of recording and amazing song with a Fab artist at Bopnique.  Nathan Laver directed this video as well as the actual music video for the track.  We are so lucky to be able to work with such amazing talented artists.  Thanks Michelle for coming back to work with us again. Your music is an inspiration. The feedback to this has been overwhelming and far reaching.

some extras:
FREE download of "Paris":
New music video for the acoustic version of Paris:

Enjoy! :)