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Behind the Scenes at Bopnique with Michelle Lewis's track "Paris"

Michelle Lewis  "Behind the Scenes"  at Bopnique

This video is an awesome look into the process of recording and amazing song with a Fab artist at Bopnique.  Nathan Laver directed this video as well as the actual music video for the track.  We are so lucky to be able to work with such amazing talented artists.  Thanks Michelle for coming back to work with us again. Your music is an inspiration. The feedback to this has been overwhelming and far reaching.

some extras:
FREE download of "Paris":
New music video for the acoustic version of Paris:

Enjoy! :)


Bopnique Partners with HMG on Emilio Vega Project

Hi fellow sun orbiters,

We are excited to share the first track from Emilio Vega "Karma" for the HMG label in Europe.
Emilio is a powerful young  performer/songwriter and we are thrilled with the results of our first
collaboration! Thanks to Alex at HMG for putting his faith in Bopnique and Emilio.  The results are exciting!  enjoy the video clip below and download the track on itunes ok!  Emilio we welcome you and HMG to the post indie revolution at Bopnique! 

great mix by karyadi
mastered by Vlado Meller in NY NY

John Cate and the Van Gogh Brothers new single


from the forthcoming record X.  JC's tenth.  Its a FAB album. 
This cut was Produced by AJR and Mixed by Karyadi at Bopnique.

BOPNIQUE cracks this weeks top 40 at Major Market Radio

#37 this week on the AC MEDIABASE Chart
(Major radio Market Share) Post production and Mix at Bopnique

Congrats to Jered Finck, who has cracked the top 40 in the major radio markets.
full story above that mentions AJR's "old fashioned guitar solo"  nice read.  Also
Jerad's track has been featured on ESPN heavily. The track is called "Runaway" and is featured as an MP3 at the end of the link. Thanks to Eric and Amanda at MINOAN MUSIC and SOUTH BEACH music promotions for sending Jered to the SCI FI MAMBO LAB.

Huge Summer Bopnique Musique Update

Bopnique Summer Update
The Sci-Fi Lab is in full swing with a summer chock full fab artists!
Here is a quick summary with some links for you to enjoy.
Thanks for checking in!

We just got a song in the hit TV show "Burn Notice" here is a snippit for you to check out:

Film and TV placements
Thanks to Minoan music (
 we are happy to announce that over 50 tracks recorded and or mixed at Bopnique have been placed in a wide variety of film and TV opps. All bopnique artists past , present , and future are eligible for a very fair non exclusive placement deal.
for more info contact AJAX at

Tracy Bonham and Ajax

The New Collisions Jean advert

great song from an awesome bopnique recording artist.
how can you not love jeans or this track?


Casey Desmond video for "Talking to God"

Casey's new video for "Talking to God" just hit You Tube today.Its another extraordinary example of her scope of vision as an evolving artist.
We are really proud of all her recent accomplishments.

Audio Notes:

We spent 3 days doing post production and mixing at Bopnique on this particular version.
Ajax added tribal drums and various guitar and synthesizer atmospheres. Karyadi did some really involved vocal treatments that need to be heard in headphones to truly be appreciated.

is the link to the video.

Some of the synths aj used were:  Korg MS 20,  Roland MKS 80 with MPG-80 controller, a Nord Lead and a Nord G2 modular.  Guitar FX included a WMD geiger counter, an  effector thirteen Truly Beautiful Disaster, matchless and roland tape echo's, Roland H.O.G octave generator, and dr scientist reverb.