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Novae (E.P.) available now!

NOVAE  (E.P.) now available

NOVAE's debut 2010 studio EP, "One" [produced by Anthony J. Resta/ engineered by Karyadi Sutedja] is more of an emotional journey than an album. Recorded at Resta's Bopnique Studio (Boston, MA), the boys of NOVAE have sculpted a unique and fresh sonic masterpiece, with a trademark-worthy sound. A little bit in-your-face-Rock. A little bit laid-back Soul. A little bit familiar Pop.

Deciding to 'go big' right out of the gate, NOVAE pulls out all the stops on this Release. Under the masterful wing of legendary Producer/multi-instrumentalist, Anthony J. Resta (Elton John, Collective Soul, Duran Duran), Novae has landed on a musical middle-ground between grit and beauty, love and hate, peace and angst, and earth and space. Driven by a soulful voicebox, lush keyboard work, world-class guitars and pinpoint-accurate grooves this album will push NOVAE to the forefront of the indie-Pop genre.

Lead vocalist and songwriter Rich Genoval hits his mark on this album, and proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is a seasoned and polished pro. Somehow managing to find a lesser-traveled path between rock, soul and pop…he loads each lyric and line into the bow, draws back tight, and aims straight for your soul. With catchy melodies, personal, subtly revealing lyrics and a 'creamy' spot-on vocal delivery, he inevitably catches the ear of music-lovers, and musicians alike.

Virtuoso guitarist, Mark Scandariato, is at his career-best on this album. He has crafted some truly timeless and memorable guitar licks and solos throughout. Truly stepping outside the box, he pushes his creativity through the "Bopnique Machine" side by side with Anthony Resta a.k.a. "AJAX" and out comes velvety lush, pad-like ambient guitar tracks creating audio images of an underwater city of sparkling gold.

Bringing in some World-Class musicians like Dave Mattacks, Richard Gates and Cameron Stone to join the party didn't hurt, either. A Dream-Team, of sorts, the sweeping sounds come together in perfect harmony to bring the world something honest,special, and refreshing.

Instructions from the band: Insert, Push Play, Re-connect with soul…