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Kat McGivern

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Why do I travel to New England to work with Anthony Resta at Bopnique Musique when there are so many great studios in NYC, where I'm from? To begin with, as a pop - classical artist I record in a wide range of musical styles, from movie-soundtrack-style classical music to dance-pop songs.  Anthony is a one-stop shopping producer for me; he does it all!  Anthony is as much at home crafting beautiful bassoon and French horn parts as he is adding electronic video game effects to dance music.  Anthony never falls back on a generic sound; he's constantly thinking of new innovations.  A harp played backwards? Clever mixes of electronic sounds? He comes up with stuff like this on a daily basis.  And I haven't mentioned his world-class percussion. Anthony and Karyadi don't just give you a drum track -- they craft a percussion sound that is second to none.
Anthony makes the very most of your time and money. He spends many extra hours thinking about and working on his projects. He accomplishes more high quality, original work in 2 weeks than many producers. He and Karyadi achieve expensive-sounding sounds for doable prices. They also bring in fantastic studio musicians, including the one-man-orchestra keyboardist Jeff Calder.
Most importantly, Anthony respects his artists and wants us to have a product we love. He truly listens to my vision for every song and he is committed to coming to a meeting of the minds. Anthony and Karyadi both take tremendous pride in their work. For them, the musical product is the most important thing, and they go to great lengths to make it happen. They are men of great musical and personal integrity. Plus, they have good senses of humor and are fun to work with! I look forward to many more joyful times of musical productivity with them!

Elizabeth Tryon
Pop/Classical artist N.Y. N.Y.

I have been recording music for 30 years as an Artist, Engineer, and Producer.  When presented with the opportunity to finish my latest single at Bopnique, I knew enough to jump at it.  Knowing Anthony for 20 years, I have always been intrigued by his passion for finding creative ways to make music in unique ways.   With that said my latest single was a pretty stripped down country song and I was a bit unsure of how the collaboration would go.  I wasn’t really looking for what Bopnique is mostly known for, which is slightly more towards the pop/electronica side.  Well both Anthony and Karyadi showed me almost immediately that genre is a non-factor at Bopnique.  The work they did on my song was clearly done with the best interest of the song itself in mind.   I couldn’t be happier with the results sonically and artistically and I hope to work with them both again!
I have to also mention that what I witnessed Karyadi Sutedja do in 12 hours blew my mind.  His editing and mixing capabilities are astounding to say the least.  His eyes lock on the screen and his ears become the speakers. He declares war on the tracks, and he will not lose the battle. It’s almost like he’s playing an intense video game and he’s going for a new high score.  Anyone who has spent time editing in Pro Tools will appreciate all they are getting for their money when their mix is in Karyadi’s hands.
Anthony and Karyadi make an amazing team that I couldn’t recommend any higher!


Meeting and then working with Anthony Resta was nothing short of a musical awakening for me.  If music and songwriting are in my soul than  working with Anthony was a soul searching spiritual journey and enlightenment. Never have I had as rewarding a musical experience as working with Anthony and Karyadi at Bopnique.  And isn't that the mark of a great producer -  to take you places you didn't think you could go  and to bring out your best?  Anthony's creative energy and palette of musical ideas are boundless.  Not only did  I end up with a great record, I was blessed to have the chance get to know and be befriended by two great people in Anthony and Karyadi.

Gary Douglas

I have had the rare opportunity to witness Anthony J. Resta and Karyadi Sutedja make a difference in the life of a young, up and coming artist.
Anthony took this young artist under his wing always respecting the age and goals of the family. Both A.J. and Karyadi act more as mentors and collaborators in production which can be hard to do with someone possessing little experience. Soon they had developed a bond creatively, professionally, and as friends.
In a short period of time, A.J. and Karyadi have moved a raw talent light years ahead of where he was when they first met and have accelerated the artist’s development in song writing and performance.
What I respect most is that A.J. and Karyadi continuously stress the need to learn as much as possible. Whether it’s teaching songwriting techniques or writing a college recommendation, A.J. is right there to answer a call or text. All the while encouraging the artist to do what he does best.
Jerry D. Goldstein

When the Philosopher Henri Bergson won the Nobel Prize for his notion of "élan vital" - the life force driving all things - I believe he had Ajax (Anthony J. Resta) in mind. Ajax's instinctive scrutiny of the instant - not the protools millisecond - but the atom of time, the infinities in there - he finds "life," then he places this "life" where it attracts more life, the result: The soul of the song becomes elevated to the dignity of pure joy. Even ballads crackle with what can only be called perfection. This is why he is Platinum, again and again. His method (indescribable) cannot be taught or coached.  It's ontological, manifested in his love of the life which you bring to ribbon microphone.  I will use "timeless" to describe what he did for me, but that's understatement. When they dig us up in 2000 years, Bopnique recordings just might be regarded as the best of our time.

 Ajax is respected now. I'm thrilled to say I worked with him before he was legend. He may be at the height of his powers, but I have no criterion for reference. I simply have not met, (and at present don't believe) there is anyone else as good him at music production.  - Randall W. Vera; Ph.D candidate, Boston College (MA 98) Songwriter. 

As a Songwriter, finding the right Producer is a very personal and intimate part of the creative process.  Trusting another person with your own creation is a leap of faith, and one that has paid off tremendously with Anthony Resta.  Not only is he a brilliant creator in his own right, but also a monster talent on a variety of instruments that allows him to communicate with you in so many different ways. Anthony is very passionate about all of his projects and will work with you towards your goals, because he has done it, and knows what it takes to get there. Working with him has been the pinnacle of my recording experience thus far, and has resulted in my first ever Top 40 hit with my single "Runaway" on Mediabase!
~Jerad Finck

"Working with Anthony and Karyadi was an amazing experience. We began working together on a 4 song EP and it was so smooth, effecient, and enjoyable working with them that it seamlessly turned into a full length 10 song LP.  They were able to really capture exactly the type of sound I was looking for, making the project radio ready all the while keeping the sound true to me as an artist. During the recording process, it seemed that no stone was left unturned, and a lot of thought and care went into every aspect and decision of the project. They are experts in bringing out your best as an artist and finding the magic in each track's performances. I could see real growth as an artist and as a musician under their direction. They have enhanced the way I hear and create music, and for that I am extremely grateful. And when all was said and done, I took with me all of that knowledge, not to mention a record that I couldnt be prouder of."
                                  -Matthew Wade of My Silent Bravery 

Dean: We started working with Anthony in 1999 or 1998 when we recorded Dosage and we just met him through another friend of ours. And initially, he just came in to help us with some programming ideas and drum arrangements, he’s an amazing drummer and he’s got that natural rhythmic thing going on. So he came in there and helped us with some of those things and that relationship just grew into other things you know like ultimately co-producing and co-writing with us. He’s just a great soul, a great spirit to have around when you’re working and creating... he just inspires and I think when you’re working with other people, you need that to play off of each other so he’s great in that way.

Thank You  Dean,  so very kind of you to say.  ajr

"I just realized that you produced one of my favorite records of all time; The Fools "10". AJR, you are a God! Now I really gotta meet you.

Mike Blackmer, Blackmer Sound inc

My endorsement of Bopnique/AJR goes something like this:

Anthony has a brilliant musical mind that I was a fan of before I even knew that I was a fan of it. His dedication to perfection goes well beyond what is expected of him. He is also a down to earth, straight forward guy that could work with anyone. So if you are thinking of working on a project with Anthony and Karyadi- you will not be disappointed! In fact, you will probably have your mind blown by an enormous amount of talent.

- Nick

drummer of The Cinnamon Fuzz