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War Is Over Again- Garvy J


We ARE THRILLED to share the official release for the new Garvy J. single "War is Over Again", with all our friends, family and fans. 
This is truly special music. For those of you who don't know,
Garvy J was one of the main songwriters/producers  for one of the 90's most critically acclaimed bands "The Elevator Drops". Our history with GJ goes all the way back to this period and up to the present working with Garvy and Del Marquis, (of the Scissor Sisters in the sci-fi mambo lab)
all the way up to the most recent Elevator Drops music.
This is one of the most compelling and
well done music videos we've ever seen. (directed by the great Peter Sand) Truly stunning art.  all of it.  the music, the video, the song. Simply Brill! Bravo to Garvy J. for making fearless homemade non generic sonically rich music.

Official Bio:
Garvy J. was a founding member of critically acclaimed Boston band The Elevator Drops, who were nationally renown for their politically charged dadaist theatrics, as well as groundbreaking recordings and unpredictable live performances.  In the past year alone, Garvy J. has played on new albums by Devo and Del Marquis of The Scissor Sisters.  He has also worked with The Rentals, Matt Sharp of Weezer, and Adam Green of The Moldy Peaches - onstage as well as in the studio.
With his enchanting baritone voice, and accompanied by his signature 12 string guitar, he now steps out live with his own band, Garvy J. and the Secret Pockets of Hope and Resistance.  The lineup includes other well-known Boston players, such as Tony Savarino (Tony Savarino&the Satanic Lounge Syndicate, Black Fortress of Opium, Jenee Halstead, Simon Ritt), producer and founder of seminal Boston goth duo The Moors Scott Dakota, Mike Piehl and Tommy Tulip on bass.

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